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Here at The Job Guru, we have been employers, interviewers and recruiters for many years. We’ve learnt a lot about delivering excellent recruitment services over the years and we know how important it is for us to be flexible, reliable and honest. 
We are an experienced and dependable, small but perfectly formed team based in Cheltenham working mainly with small and medium sized businesses across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Our aim is to provide quality and fairly priced recruitment services, to be trusted, recognised and known for our excellent recruitment services. 
We have a clear set of principles and core values we work to, which are; 
Integrity: To act honestly and have strong moral principles 
Balance: Being steady and able to effectively distribute competing demands 
Autonomy: To have independence and control over decisions and our future 
Happiness: To maintain a sense of well-being and joy in what we do 
Steve Ackroyd 
The Job Guru's founder and driving force 
25 years ago I left school and started to look for my first job. In those days we relied on adverts in the local newspaper, unlike the array of online job sites we have nowadays. I waited patiently for the Wednesday job supplement in the Gloucester Citizen and visited the job centre to see what was advertised there. We may have job sites and social media now, but the nuts and bolts of getting a job and finding good candidates hasn’t changed that much. 
Over the years I have worked for a variety of companies in the Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Technology, Floristry(!), Retail and Recruitment sectors. In recruitment I have worked with Government Agencies in Cheltenham and London, Facilities Management/M+E companies, Manufacturing and Engineering firms, IT firms and departments, Aviation, Call Centres, Care Homes and much, much more. 
In amongst all that I’ve spent time travelling and working in Australia and South East Asia, worked with ecological charities in East Africa, and spent 4 months living in a tent while I travelled across Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi with my wife. 
My experience means that I understand the job market from both sides, I’ve got experience of looking for jobs, how the jobseeker thinks and acts, the “facts” they’ve been told and the fear of interviews. I’ve also got experience of recruiting people, for myself and for others. I’ve known about not being sure where to look, how to judge a CV, what questions to ask in an interview and how to negotiate an offer. 25 years of job hunting and 8 years in recruitment have taught me a lot, and I want to pass that knowledge on, to help people get good jobs and companies to get good people. 
Jo Morgan 
BA Hons, DipM - Marketing Manager 
You could say that Marketing is in my blood. I have been studying and working in marketing since my GCSE’s – so that is now, erm, 28 years! 
My work has always involved working alongside HR. The careers page of a website is a very important element of attracting the best talent to work for your company and field staff for your clients. 
My role as senior marketing manager also included training staff in various marketing tools, as well as ensuring that the whole company understood the brand, its values and their purpose within the organisation to achieve its objectives. 
I have been fully engaged in the business environment managing marketing departments for small, medium and large, growing organisations. Specifically, I have been successful in raising the global profile of companies, refreshing and launching new brands to internal and external audiences, developing and enhancing the businesses online presence and developing online purchasing systems. 
More recently I have been working with Law firms to build brand reputation through consistent marketing communications methods, both online and offline. I was also required to support a growth plan to launch into a corporate market. 
Nowadays I run Little Chicken Marketing which provides outsourced marketing management to help small business owners like Steve at The Job Guru to identify the best marketing communication and business development tactics to target their audience and grow their business. 
It isn’t all work for me – I have three young children, a rabbit and a hamster. Travelling excites me, mostly because of the wide variety of food and wine that I can test out! I can’t sit still for long, hence one of the reasons why I now work for myself, I found sitting at a desk all day tiresome. Being able to go for a run or a HIIT workout in my living room whilst hiding from the neighbours (I mean no one wants to see that) in the middle of day is pure freedom! 
Georgina Balfour 
Operations Manager 
I started my career off in Financial Services, spending over 8 years in Compliance, Learning Management and Training. After taking a 4-month sabbatical, I did some volunteering and travelling around East Africa, which inspired me to re-train as a Community Organiser.  
Re-training as a Community Organiser enabled me to fulfil a number of ambitions, which included working within the charitable sector, to be able to make a difference to individual lives and to set up and run a small charitable organisation. 
I founded Community Roots CIC in 2013 and it specialises in delivering Community Organising services, a range of workshops and accredited qualifications and I am pleased to say it’s thriving.  
I am also a trustee of a local neighbourhood charity and support them in decision-making and business planning, and I have also recently joined a start-up CIC supporting them to grow their charitable organisation.  
Therefore, I bring experience and knowledge of running organisations, successfully managing finances and keeping to an ethical ethos that is critical for me. 
I have a genuine interest in seeing small and medium-sized businesses succeed, and I know from experience keeping an eye on your costs and having the right people in the right roles are vital for the success of any enterprise.  
For the Job Guru I manage the business administration, finance and operations, as well as driving the ethical ethos of the business. 
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