Recruitment Services 
The Job Guru is a recruitment service rather than a traditional recruitment agency. We understand that not all companies and vacancies/recruitment needs are the same, so why should they all be treated the same?  
Where agencies generally have a 'one size fits all' approach and charge a commission fee based on the vacancy salary, The Job Guru charges a fixed fee dependant on what services your business needs. 
The Job Guru has the recruitment experience to know how to attract, find and screen candidates for a wide range of job vacancies from Manufacturing to Office and Sales to IT. Whatever you need, The Job Guru can help you. 
With recruitment packages starting from £799 we help you to fill your vacancies affordably without having to compromise on the quality of candidates or service.  
Call or email now to find out how The Job Guru can help you find the best candidates for your vacancy, or 01242 644344. 
What we do 
The Job Guru is an alternative to expensive recruitment agencies. We have created recruitment services that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and medium sized businesses who simply want to get the job done, find the right candidate, and not pay the earth. We're based in Cheltenham and work mainly with businesses based in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 

Recruitment Service Packages 

Silver - £999 
Advertise your vacancy on the major job boards and have the applications reviewed and candidates screened for you to weed out the timewasters. 
Advertise on premium and specialist job sites. 
28 days advertising. 
Telephone screening of up to 5 candidates. 
Screening notes to help you understand the applicant. 
Interview-ready CV, formatted to make it clear and easy to read. 
Review applications. 
Included in social media posts. 
Gold - £1,999 
In today’s competitive job market, don’t just wait for the candidates to come to you, we’ll go and find them as well. 
All the services offered by Silver, plus: 
Dedicated Account Manager 
We’ll conduct a search of major job board databases to find candidates that match your requirements and encourage them to declare an interest. 
Search and contact passive candidates on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, find what would make them move companies and introduce them to your vacancy. 
Platinum - £3,250 
If you don’t have the resources or the time to manage the recruitment process, let the Job Guru take the strain for you and help manage the whole recruitment process until the vacancy is filled. 
1-hour initial meeting to discuss the vacancy and create an accurate job specification. 
Get to know your business, what’s the working environment like, who will the new employee be working with, what sort of personality will fit in best. 
Manage both internal and external applicants. 
Conduct telephone interviews with prospective candidates. 
Brief hiring manager on candidates. 
Schedule interviews with the best candidates. 
1-hour interview prep with hiring manager. 
Negotiate an offer. 
Candidate management until they have started and settled-in. 

Bespoke Recruitment Services 

If you have a specific requirement, please let us know as we are happy to tailor our services to your needs 
Job Description 
A lot of problems with recruitment and staff retention start here. If you don’t get the job specification correct you won’t get the job advert right, you’ll interview the wrong people and therefore won’t hire the right person. At best it’s a waste of time, at worst it’s an expensive and recurring problem that reduces your company’s performance and profits. 
The Job Guru will help you to create a job description that accurately reflects the role you need the new employee to fulfil. 
Advert Copywriting 
A lot of companies (and recruitment agencies) think that a job description can also be used as a job advert but this is wrong. An advert needs to be attractive to the candidates you want to hire, it needs to sell the benefits of your vacancy, encourage them to apply and it needs to be seen amongst all the other job adverts. 
Using your job description and a conversation with you we can tailor job adverts for job boards and social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 
Candidate Screening 
How do you decide who to interview, how long does it take you and how often do you sit in an interview wondering why you are talking to someone patently unsuitable? 
To save you time and provide an expert eye so you only talk to the candidates that are worthwhile, we can screen applicants CVs and call the suitable ones for an initial telephone screen then provide you with written screening notes. 
Interview Coaching 
Do you find interviewing candidates stressful? Are you worried you’ll ask the wrong questions, scare good candidates off, look foolish or hire the wrong person? 
The Job Guru can help you to prepare to interview your candidates, what to ask and what not to ask, when to ask the questions and how to ask them. How to test candidates response to pressure situations and how to tell how they’ll fit in with the team. 
Handling Offer Negotiations 
Do you worry you are paying too much to get the staff you need, do you feel that the negotiation process creates an awkward atmosphere with the new member of staff? 
We can be the middle man for this tricky stage of the hiring process, making sure you don’t pay more than you should while ensuring the new employee doesn’t feel they have been undervalued before they even start. 

We work with experienced professionals that can help your business hire and retain staf

Salary Benchmarking 
Are your current salaries in line with your competitors, are your structures legally compliant and is there a clear career structure in place to encourage staff retention? We can help you audit your salary structures. 
We can help you with the induction process, making sure your new employees start in the way you and they would like to carry on. 
Either training you to carry out great inductions or carrying out the inductions for you. 
HR Services 
Employment Contracts, benefits and advice. 
Personality Testing 
Helping you to test how people you are recruitment could fit in with the existing team. 
"We have worked with Steve before he started The Job Guru and throughout all of the time that we have dealt with him, I've found him to be fair, reasonable and professional. 
He has found us good candidates and has, perhaps most importantly, always worked transparently without trying to manipulate the candidate and employer relationship. 
I would recommend Steve and The Job Guru to other companies. He's an absolute pleasure to deal with, he knows his stuff, and really cares about the candidates too." 
- Donna Mudge, Co-founder, Digivante 
Get in touch 
If you would like to learn more about why we're different and how we can help you, please give us a call, drop us an email, or complete the enquiry form below and we'll get straight back to you. 
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